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Our Services

C4 Touchscreen

Smarter Home Automation

At ICONIQ, we focus on creating an automation (domotics) system that is intuitive, and fun to use. We only work with the best control systems available which offer the flexibility, and power needed to satisfy our uncompromising requirements, which ensures the best possible user experience for you.

Whole house Audio & Video

At ICONIQ, we can design and install a Multi-Zone Audio / Video system that fills your entire living area, and outdoor/pool area with rich immersive sound, and crisp, clean, high-definition video. Regardless if you are entreating guests, or enjoying some “you time” wherever you are can be  ransformed into a fun, exciting emotionally charged space everyone will enjoy spending time in.


Network & WiFi

At ICONIQ, we live the life every day of designing, installing, and suppor;ng the technology needs of Elite level estates, mega Yachts, and Exclusive hotels. The knowledge and understanding garnered from both our formal education, and decades of experience gives us the ability to design and commission a network that is both lightning fast, and omnipresent.

Lighting & Window Covering Control

At ICONIQ, we understand light on a level that most professionals never reach. ICONIQ can design and install a state-of-the-art lighting and shade control system that reduces “wall clutter”, provides whole house or single room ligh;ng scenes that are matched to whatever specific activity is taking place at any moment. In addition, a well-designed ligh;ng control system is an essen;al component needed for energy conservation and sustainable living practice.


Home Cinema

At ICONIQ, we know that nearly everyone enjoys watching a good movie from time to time. A trip to the theater to see the latest blockbuster is almost universally accepted as the default form of entertainment. At ICONIQ we design Home Cinema’s that outperform the public Cinema’s by a very large margin. Enjoy the heighted experience of the very best audio and visual technology, which envelop you and elicit emo;ons you may have never felt before from a cinema. You don’t just watch a movie in an ICONIQ Cinema, you live it.

Outdoor Entertainment

At ICONIQ, we are experts at designing and implementing High-Fidelity Audio, High-Definition video, and world class private Cinemas for your outdoor entertainment area. Let’s be honest, it is the beau;ful weather and outdoor activities that brought us all here. Let us supercharge your outdoor spaces into the kind of environment everyone will love to spend time in.